Though the terminology is misleading a “watermark” is not at all what it sounds like, and should never be confused with a mark actually made by water on the surface of a piece of paper! Spots like these were considered ghastly errors in the glory days of artisan-made paper and were thus referred to by the altogether more dramatic term “papermaker’s tears.” Confusing the two, say in a shadowy tavern, over a flagon of mead, could very well result in the dreaded “papermaker’s fists” impressing themselves into the pulp of your face.

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just wanted to pop in to say this is a fascinating post and well done. Reminds me of researchers who trace the history of objects by way of the paper that was used to document it.

posted on 01.26 at 10:59 AMmuxwock

Very interesting and well done. Piqued the old imagination !

posted on 01.26 at 01:42 PM.

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