Robert Edward Auctions, an auction house specializing in baseball memorabilia, recently came upon a document which is not only illuminating, but may represent the most amusing chunk of writing to be officially issued by Major League baseball in existence. Today the league is having some serious public relations problems wrestling with the use of performance enhancing drugs, in the 1890’s, when the document in question was issued, they were having serious public relations problems of another kind. Specifically they were wrestling with the constant stream of terrifically filthy language which evidently issued from their players’ mouths, in every possible direction- at umpires, opposing players, fans, women, kids, nuns, diapered toddlers…

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Am I the only one to whom the phrase “cunt-lapping dog” sounds as if it could be a term of endearment?

posted on 01.26 at 07:50 PMJack Rusher

Hmm. Was the point of this document to educate players as to the danger of “foul” language, or to provide some choice examples?

posted on 01.26 at 10:37 PMChris Kearin

That illustration is magic. That should be blown up and hung on a tavern wall.

posted on 01.26 at 11:20 PM.

Agree with Buckner. Please make this illustration into a T-shirt, poster or coaster (ha!) and SELL, SELL, SELL!!!


posted on 01.27 at 12:34 AM.

@Jack: The safe word is biscuit. Now get that ball gag fastened.

@Tom & Joe: I hate to admit this but a good portion of the time I find myself posting things, not because they are the best from a content standpoint, but specifically because they bring an illustration to mind. This was such a case.

posted on 01.28 at 08:48 AMjmorrison

Two of my favorite things: baseball and unbelievably foul and florid profanity.

Thank you.

posted on 02.05 at 12:43 PMjane

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