Just a note to apologize for the quietude and tumbleweeds here recently. No existential crisis or impending mental catastrophe this time, I’ve simply been busy at the workplace and have not had the requisite time, nor energy, for quality posts. On the bright side with what little free time I’ve had I’ve been quietly working on two new sections for The Nonist which I hope to launch and fold into the site sometime this month. Anyhow, if you’d be so kind as to be patient with me a little while longer I hope to be back at full strength in a week or two. In the meantime I’ll post as often as I can manage. Now, back to the wheel. Heart.

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Don’t become too much grist for the dark, satanic mills. Hang in there.

posted on 02.02 at 06:08 PMLori Witzel

Raise your rates, lad.

posted on 02.02 at 06:39 PMJack Rusher


Reminded me of this song.

Standing by. No fear, no envy, no meanness…


posted on 02.03 at 01:38 AMJoe Moran

When one’s soul is crushed to dust, does it leave a mess? I mean, I’m here at home dusting and well, I just got to thinking is all.

posted on 02.03 at 05:51 PMAl

Now what am I supposed to do once my TPS reports have been filed?

posted on 02.05 at 03:03 PM.

Well, here’s some happy little links for you to look at while you’re cleaning fish on your TPS reports:






That’ll keep you busy for a minute.

posted on 02.05 at 07:21 PM.

keep calm and carry on, sir.

posted on 02.05 at 08:12 PM.

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