Astarte In Paisley

Take, if you will, the following group of words and and allow them to swim and mix and coalesce in your head: Greek mythology, simulated sex, paisley leotards, projectors, flowers, psychedelia, lotus tattoos, day-glo, multi-media, “hard rock” music, ballet… Now let me ask you, what single word might the synthesis of these things naturally result in as response? If you harumphed and murmured, “trainwreck” I’m right there with you. 

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Whoa- saw it three times and forgot that I did. At the end of the performance they opened the loading doors at the back of the stage and the dancer playing Astarte walked out the back of the theatre, onto NYC streets, grey and bleak. The stage then switched to projections of her walking into the distance.

At that time Maurice Bejart’s Firebird (I remember a hot foreign teacher ranting about how it was all based on Bejart’s injecting Communist symbology) was pretty wild and Alwin Nikolais was also out to blow your mind.

...and now, hey, I watch House.

posted on 02.18 at 11:36 AMLex10

Why is it, when I look at these photos, I think “They have colors when they should have emotion”?

Got to say, though, I got my dose of science fiction in the early ‘70’s just when this sorth of imagery was on most of the SF book covers (think Stranger In A Strange Land or Again, Dangerous Visions). Certainly my art-class juvenilia reflected this (I might still have some, but I think I’d prefer not to share this embarrassingly primitive output). Not long after that (1976) I turned 18 and the punks arrived with their total revision/rejection of all things paisley (their phrase for it was The Mistake Of 1967). Took me about 2 years and the first Devo album to come around to the punk viewpoint.

Wow: your anti-bot word is hell! How diverting.

posted on 02.18 at 09:04 PM.

Actually I think these photos are pretty rad. I laugh at the patchouliness but then I stay for the skillful multiple exposures and vibrant colour. The show was probably unbearable though.

posted on 02.18 at 11:18 PM.

you are hippie spawn, aren’t you!! I love the images, and a few of them are my faves.
I saw the laser light show more than once. It was very innovative for the time.
Now, I also watch House!

posted on 02.21 at 04:24 PM.

@ Marianne: Yes, you got me there, I am indeed a hippy spawn. Mercifully, in the far flung future, I will be long gone. Any time travellers among us can at least take heart in that.

@ Michelangelo: Agreed, love the images, dread the thought of sitting through the show. A lot like WWII.

@ Tom: ...and along came cyber"punk.”

posted on 02.25 at 08:47 AMjmorrison

I also wonder how unbearable the show would have been for me personally. The images are delightful, however.

posted on 02.28 at 08:55 PMjane

I got a sort of spam e-mail which pretended to be a comment on this post. It goes on and on and on. What sort of lunatic would write 18,000 words and send it as spam? (I copied it and did a word count; 47 pages in Wordperfect). He talks about Ned Flanders and Scandinavia as a penis pissing on Europe and rednecks and John McCain and God punishing evildoes and god knows what else. It ends with these sage words:

Don’t judge me hypocrite.
Nobody involved are to learn anything from my life.  You will CHEAT me out
of Horrible.  This is not an unreasonable request:::Make them forget.  They
must get it somewhere else.  At least.
Both Clinton and Osama have redwhite&blue; campaign signs.  John McCain’s is
blue and white. 
Atlanta’s I-20 Racers.

Me not cwazy like 12 Galaxies:::You’d think they’d decide it’s about time
to take their dick out of Frank’s ass, for Christ’s sake.
“Telepathic treason limits my ability to ski on < advanced_slopes-FrankChu
> 03/10 23:10:31

“Telepathic treason limits my ability to ski on the advanced slopes.”
-Frank Chu
Amen, brother.  I hate that.”

So, what the hell.

posted on 03.11 at 06:56 PM.

Oh yeah, sorry. That was me trying to slip some of my socio-political prose-poetry into the flow of things. A sort of avant / savant reaction to the secret regimes of plight induction and the vast neo-pop conspiracy to… just kidding. Yeah, I erase that crap as quick as I can but, well, you know…

posted on 03.11 at 07:03 PMjmorrison

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