As promised, here I will continue with my series on Graphis Annuals of years past (previously: ‘59/60 parts 1, 2, 3 and ‘71/72). This time I’ll be presenting some material from the 1957-58 edition. It’s not my favorite year but it’s an interesting year because you can see the past and future jostling for position. Though much of it feels distinctly 50’s some of the 60’s advertising style that would soon overtake everything was already making inroads. Below I have culled 22 images for your perusal, so happy perusing.

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Yep, some are decidedly old-fangled (such as the Pullman man in the cardboard box). The Polish kid just below him reminds me of the charmingly odd Polish Bolek and Lolek cartoons which my grandson Liam used to watch on video back in Brooklyn.

Others, Domus especially, look very modern to me.

As for that self-tattooing goth chick, I’ve seen her type even in the 21st Century. And future mutants are represented in the Industrial & Functional women with as many or few breasts as they require. Al Bundy of Married With Children averred that the ideal woman had an extra breast on her back, for dancing.

posted on 02.18 at 09:24 PM.

That final Olivetti image was worth the price of admission.

posted on 02.19 at 09:41 AMpeacay

Many thanks for sharing these pictures. They are so inspiring. I love the graphic style of the era. One comes to realize that the Push Pin Studios was but the tip of an iceberg of creativity and wit.

posted on 02.19 at 05:19 PMJoan M. Mas

i find the imagery of this era far more interesting and intriguing then most of the publicities one can find in main steam journals.

were these wonderful imageries considered avant-garde?

posted on 02.20 at 02:07 AMmoon

The Olivetti poster by Giovanni Pintori was shamelessly copied by english newspaper The Guardian not too long ago, where the arrows were used to represent different opinions in the media. I never knew until now!

Thanks for sharing, some wonderful work on display.

posted on 02.21 at 08:04 AM.

Richness. Just fabulous richness. I feel fat and happy and full to the brim with these eye-treats. Thanks so much for sharing ‘em.

posted on 02.22 at 10:55 AMLori Witzel

My pleasure everyone.

@PK: Yeah, it seems that in each issue I’ve gotten my hands on the Olivetti material is invariably some of my favorite. I’m beginning to think they are deserving of their own post.

@Tom: Yup, noticed that too. That image also just happens to be one of a handful still easily available in poster form. No coincidence. Unfortunately for the Guardian, the original is better.

posted on 02.25 at 08:40 AMjmorrison

The Alcorn Lion was superb. Also loved the Olivetti ad.

posted on 02.29 at 08:03 AMThe Worst of Perth

brilliant! more!!

posted on 03.15 at 11:24 PM.

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