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I mentioned recently that I’d been working on a couple of new features for the site. One of them is The Nonist Gallery, which I am launching right now. My hope is it will offer an alternate means by which to browse the site and its archives. I am attempting to populate this gallery with all the images ever shown on the site , including both original images, created by me for posts and “special projects,” as well as images featured in posts but created by others. Clicking an image brings up a larger, annotated version, and clicking an image’s title links back to the original post it was featured in. Thus far I have only uploaded a tiny portion of the content, beginning with oldest images first, but plan to add more each week until the content is totally up-to-date, after which point updates will occur simultaneously with new content on the main page. More information is available on the gallery page itself by clicking “info” and a permanent link to the section has been added to the menu. If you have any issues or thoughts feel free to contact me. Happy browsing.

02.23. filed under: announcements.

As usual, great job. However FYI, there’s a flow problem here. When I click on an individual image from The Gallery, it uses a javascript to open a smaller window wherein I can view the image and some info as to where it comes from.

However to see the original post, when clicking on the name of that post from within that little javascript window will load the original post in that smallish window. You might consider getting it so that the original post opens rather in the larger window that previously housed The Gallery.

posted on 02.23 at 03:03 PMal

Hey Al, thanks for the comment. The links are supposed to open in a new window, that’s how I set the behavior, and it works for me correctly in Safari and Firefox. Drop me a line if you would and let me know what browser you are using, etc. Thanks.

posted on 02.23 at 03:07 PMjmorrison

This is nice. I’m browsing through and discovering a lot of old posts I enjoyed.

I get the issue Al is talking about. The problem is, in Firefox you can set the browser so it won’t open new windows on target_new. It’ll only open another tab in the existing window. I’m not sure that this can be overcome your end, but it means that when I click on the post link in the 300x500 window, or whatever it is, the post opens up on a new tab within that window, sans browser controls.
Try setting it under Tabs in Firefox preferences, you’ll see what’s what.

posted on 02.25 at 05:37 AMPierce

Ah, understood. That sucks. Not much I can do about it though it would seem, unless anyone has a decent work around that does not include me redesigning anything… haha. The title link below each image on the main page will behave more sensibly, at least open in a nice big tab…

posted on 02.25 at 08:36 AMjmorrison

Yeah, that’s right. I have the tabbed browsing set up.

Might be able to use one of the other target settings like “top” or the others. Might end up working for ya.

posted on 02.25 at 12:06 PMal

This is a great idea. After playing with it for a bit, it would be really useful to have a more robust pagination nav (page number/contextual indicators) to help give a sense of place while browsing through images. On the issue of pop up vs. new window behavior I think it would be more efficient to have the full image content replace the grid and handle everything from one page. You could use the same design as the current pop up but replace the “close” link with a “back to list” link. Just my 2 cents. That aside, great content and a refreshing way to browse.

posted on 02.25 at 02:36 PMjustin

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