Digging The Diggers

In case you are not up on your 60’s history and are as yet unfamiliar with them I offer the following: The Diggers, who took their name from the English Diggers of the seventeenth century, were an underground improv theater troupe, of radical-left / anarchist bent, operating in the Haight-Ashbury District of San Francisco in the mid-1960’s. They preformed street theater, staged art-happenings, disseminated broadsides and leaflets, organized concerts, opened “free stores” and, most famously, distributed free food in Golden Gate Park to anyone with an empty stomach.

I can hear what you’re thinking: “In other words they were hippies.”

Yes. In other words they were hippies.

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Oho! That last one made me laugh. Nice pix!
By the by, I’ve been signing my location ‘Kali Yuga, Region of Thud’ for a while now.

posted on 03.07 at 08:41 PM.

WOW! Fantastic.

posted on 03.11 at 11:05 AMachilles3

I like the animal cracker box.

posted on 03.11 at 02:39 PM.

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