Well folks, here I am! Alive. (Not than any of you rotten ingrates asked after my well-being at any point in the last silent month.) I haven’t been through any travails, haven’t been away on any exotic trips, haven’t even been paralyzed by a 50 ton ennui pressing against my spine. Nothing like that. I’ve been here, just quiet-like.

Truth be told it’s pretty simple. It’s this damned site! This site takes a huge amount of time and effort to maintain with the bar I’ve set for myself as high as it is. Honestly It’s tough to churn out the kind of lengthy, researched, original content I aim for and it leaves little time for other pursuits. That said, I am stubbornly unwilling to lower the bar. I love the Nonist as it is, I’ve just found that lately my mind has been running on other tracks. Hence the absence.

So what’s the solution?

Rather than shift focus and start posting less developed content to The Nonist, I’ve created a second site called The Nonist Annex. The Annex will be less formal and more freeform, featuring more bite-sized and link oriented content. This format will allow me to post more often, stay limber and connected, while simultaneously allowing some time for other pursuits. That’s the hope at least.

Rest assured that when inspiration strikes I will still be posting new original content on the Nonist proper, I am running them concurrently, but for the time being at least, and certainly while this splendid warm weather continues to beckon me outside for ever more rounds of drinks, expect to see the bulk of my online activity happening at the Annex.

For those of you that depend on feed readers you can add the Annex right here: RSS / ATOM. To the rest of you, I sincerely hope to see you there, and if you’ve got any compatriots who are also Nonist readers, do let them know.

On to The Annex…

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I didn’t enquire to your whereabouts because how many times have we been through this before?

As for the bars you’ve set, you should try writing fiction! One can just churn it out lickety split, very little effort required, great appearance of effort given. All this research and fact checking must be a real downer.

posted on 05.28 at 05:04 PMPierce

“how many times have we been through this before?”

Ha. Fair enough, that’s actually why I didn’t bother writing anything in the last month to explain my whyabouts…

You’re still an ingrate.

posted on 05.28 at 05:18 PMjmorrison

Ya, I agree with Pierce there… write a novel. No more effort than a blog, but huge difference in how your effort is received. Compare:

This just in: well-regarded blogger Jaime Morrison has a new post!

This just in: well-regarded blogger Jaime Morrison is publishing his first novel!

Of course, I’m one to talk, having written a novel nine years ago and about a tenth of another… been writing songs FWIW. Even played an open mike last month (I sucked!)

Perhaps you should just do some more paintings (or whatever seizes your imagination) and post scans… in any case, Something Completely Different. The muse will know…
Happy to hear from you, anyway.

posted on 05.28 at 07:30 PM.


The internet always gets a helluva lot dumber whenever you take a break, and I for one am more than excited for the new annex.

I have no idea about your personal situation, but you’re a damn talented writer whose work—in blog form or otherwise—is hugely appreciated.  Keep it up.

posted on 05.28 at 10:09 PMJon


I’m RSSed OUT! My Google reader is about to OD!
I love your work HERE and will have to hold out for the those inspirations.
I have plenty of sites to check that do what the annex does:-(
(no offense intended)
so good luck with that…I’ll be holding my breath for the real deal.

genuinely appreciative but honestly saddened

posted on 05.29 at 05:05 AMachilles3

Do whatever you have to do - I’ll keep reading where-ever you post.

I’d also be interested in seeing you do a book - you’re a talented writer (but I’d want to see something of your graphic design work in there as well).

posted on 05.29 at 09:59 AM.

I resent that comment because I didn’t inquire as to your situation and even provided what I thought was an interesting website about anatomy and art.

Regardless, I will continue being devoted to your blogs until my hurt feelings become undone.

posted on 05.29 at 09:18 PM.

Forgive my gross misuse of the verb “didn’t.” It should be “did.” I apologize.

posted on 05.29 at 09:19 PM.

Welcome back - glad this hiatus was much shorter.

posted on 05.30 at 01:50 AMfarflung

My, er, uncle was born with a short hiatus. But then one day he got an e-mail promising to lengthen it…

posted on 05.30 at 07:00 AM.

Good to hear you are still on the planet

posted on 05.31 at 11:37 AM.

Two guys walk into a bar…

The third one ducked!



posted on 05.31 at 11:33 PMJoe Moran

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