I wonder whether any of you have seen the film Lars and the Real Girl? It was a sweet, chaste sort of film considering its casting of a Real Doll as the female lead, and though I enjoyed it I couldn’t help but spend its entire length being reminded of the altogether less sweet, less chaste, true life corollary of “Oscar and the Alma Doll.”

The synopsis of this tale might go as follows- In 1911 Viennese artist Oskar Kokoschka (or as the German press referred to him “der tolle Kokoschka”) meets Alma Mahler, the widow of composer Gustav Mahler. A relationship begins consisting mainly of hot sex and expressionist painting. Or “the good life” as it’s sometimes called. Oscar, for his part, falls obsessionally, passionately, possessively hard. Alma... not so much.

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Har har, that’s classic! I had never heard of this story. It’s more messed up than Hans Bellmer and his doll. By the way, did you ever hear the Tom Lehrer song about Alma Mahler and how she married/slept with half of MittelEuropa’s intellectuals? It is very funny.

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Feathers? Max Ernst might have bought it off him. He had some sort of bird-woman thing in the back of his head. See Robing of the Bride…

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I loved lars and the real girl.  Although there were moments that were socially uncomfortable I was still captivated the whole time and had some great belly laughs.

The other story is definitely more twisted than Lars’s story.  I think I like Lars’s version.

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