Can you begin to imagine the amount of time spent by the human race in pursuit of magic? I am not speaking metaphorically here. I mean can you imagine the sum total man-hours devoted to actively invoking, incanting, intoning, beseeching, divining, scrying, summoning, chanting, conjuring, and casting? And though, so far as we know, not a single minute of all that feverish sorcery yielded the intentional result with greater efficiency than chance, magic continues, and will continue, probably forever. And do you know why? Well, setting aside the fact that the whole endeavor is damn poetic specifically because of its futility, fascinating because of its baroquely fanciful trappings, pathos-packed because of its provenance, and let’s face it, pretty hilarious on the whole, there is another, simpler reason; one which I believe will be self-evident if you take a gander at what I’ve set out for you below…

Ritual is always an bizarre and intriguing thing. This collection of pictures is truly an unique perspective. It seems to me the occult life is borderline on the life of a very active swinger.

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Valentin Tomberg (writing as Anonymous) said in his Meditations on the Tarot that they primary disposition of the Magician should be one of play: deft ease.

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Robert Anton Wilson performed ritual magick frequently and had a lot of interesting things to say about it, often aphoristic. “It’s just like Method acting,” said one of his characters. In other words, you’re playing a part, and it’s vital to believe your part, to internalize it. Bob was a fan of Aleister Crowley, responsible for the famous maxim “Magick is the art of creating Change through Will.” Crowley went on to explain that he had used the Magick of the Printing Press to Create his books, inducing the printers to do the work though the Magic of Money, and so on. He took an expansive view of what haute magie meant. Wilson also made the point that ritual magick was a method of neuroprogramming, i.e. altering imprints. He insisted that humans are as prone to imprinting as newborn goslings, but that we had methods of dissolving old imprints and creating new ones. Methods include intense sexual sensation, disorienting drugs, repetive chanting and dance, shock and fear, the whole shamanic toolkit. If someone else does it to you by force, it’s called brainwashing. Wilson also pointed out that advertising was a very real form of magick, and that it depends on one of the most basic magical commands: “Invoke often, banish often.” Advertisers invoke their own brand often, with repetition and praise, and banish competing brands, mentioning them only in uncomplimentary ways. Religions do the same thing: and so do the Marine drill instructors at Parris Island. You are no longer a civilian! Forget all that! You are a maggot! Through hard training and endless effort, perhaps your sorry soft candy ass can become a Marine!!! So we can see there is an entire continuum of behavioral-mod technology, of which ritual magick is an old-school branch. Most people only see the trappings, the chrome on the outside, metaphorically speaking, and don’t hear the engine.

And the church would never have been so down on it if it wasn’t a hell of a lot of fun.

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Aleister Crowley was a certifiable sick phuk but as you have stated there is plenty fun to be had in the magic circle and that lad got more than his fair share…lucky bastard

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human kind has not been practicing magic or sorcery, but just laim tricks!

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People sometimes belief in magic but it uncertain. Magic is nothing but amusement for people. Some people may have use magic for going bad to human. By the way nice blog. Thanks

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There is alawys a mistry about magic. Nice article to read.

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