Mincing Our Oaths

Thoughts on being a potty-mouthed atheist in a world of Religious profanity.

As a bona-fide + atheist I find myself curiously conscious about the oaths I speak. Every time, in a moment of anger, I inadvertently begin barking “Jesus!” or “Christ!” or “God Damn it!” I feel slightly embarrassed afterward, as if my thoughtless reliance on these oaths, and others like them, were a betrayal of my own ideals. + It is almost as though the involuntary use of these words, signifiers of Ideas I reject, reveals some sort of personal weakness. + What it reveals, however, is the simplest of dumb-dumb facts. Namely that the English language is so brim-full of Religious oaths, that to remove them from one’s vocabulary would effectively render you, in your anger, red-faced and vein-popped but mute. 

Awesome! Thank you for expressing in clear words the vague feelings I’ve long had on this matter. :)

posted on 06.19 at 09:17 AMFeanne

I can only quote Ghostbusters….  Mother pusbucket!!!

posted on 07.08 at 08:08 PM.

isn’t that the great thing about being an atheist, swearing at every turn in the full and certain knowledge that it doesn’t actually mean anything.

posted on 08.08 at 03:25 PMRichard

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