On The Magic Island

By W.B. Seabrook with illustrations by Alexander King.

In 1929 a travelogue was released that would, through the chain reaction it set off, have a profound effect on American popular culture and by extension the American collective consciousness. It was written by a fellow with a questionable resume of personal traits said to include alcoholism, occultism, sensory deprivation, and sadism, who would ultimately commit suicide by pill-overdose. His is not a household name, and is rarely spoken, yet it is through the continued fascinated invocation of another name altogether that we unknowingly evoke his legacy: Zombie! Zombie!! Zombie!!!

Did Alexander King steal from the Metropolitan Museum… or did a bokor FORCE him to?

Did Jaime write this post… or was he COMPELLED to?

Am I commenting on this post… or do dark powers ENSLAVE me to do it?

One of my favorite Doonesbury story arcs, from some years ago, was when Uncle Duke was fed zombie cucumber by Baby Doc Duvalier. Now a slave known as Legume, he dully did the ex-dictator’s bidding until Zonker bought him from Duvalier with almost all of his $23 million in lottery winnings. “Legume, I order you to give these reporters a ride to the airport,” Duvalier said. “You.. want me… to dump their bodies near the airport?” “No, alive!” “Yes, master.”

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This is interesting to know in the context of how people portray zombies today, at least in the movies. Zombies seem to illustrate some of the greatest fears and issues in the world today. Recently zombie movies are about malfunctions in experiments and explorations with the human body. A few decades ago it was about nuclear waste.

And, like many things, it all started as some other folklore or practice…

posted on 06.29 at 11:39 PMSterling

A very interesting article, for sure. The artwork is stunning, very bold and quite frightening in places. Certainly a big difference to the zombies we see in the cinemas today.

posted on 07.03 at 07:39 PMThe Imaginary Reviewer

The reviewer is right, not the stuff we are used to but a different perspective of a person with a mental disorder and also insane.

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