The Spectre of Brocken

Soiling Lederhosen Since There Were Lederhosen To Soil

Quote: “On stepping out to the terrace, I was very agreeably surprised to see my shadow some 200 feet high, s thrown on the mist by a strong lamp, rise up to the zenith! It was a very curious spectacle indeed. every movement of the hand or head was faithfully reproduced by the phantasm. But only the head and shoulders of the figure were neatly delineated. The remainder of the body was exceedingly indistinct. Giant rays of colour radiated from the head in all directions.” –E.M. Antoniadai, 1896.

What was for the astronomer Antoniadai “very agreeable” was for generation upon generation before him, understandably, a shock, an anxious source of folkloric speculation, and a bit of a horror.

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fascinating stuff!

do you know the source for the first image? the illustration with the concentric halos?

posted on 07.19 at 04:22 PMdugward penelope

Yup, that’s an illustration, by John C. Holdin, from the book The Handbook of Unusual Phenomena By William R. Corliss.

posted on 07.19 at 04:24 PMjmorrison

Fantastic. As always, thanks.

posted on 08.11 at 08:32 PMjane

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