With the arrival of the holidays, and their attendant crush, I’ve resolved to make a temporary change here at The Nonist. In that I don’t expect to have much time to do research and write “serious” or lengthy pieces (as you’ve no doubt already noticed) I’ve decided that for the remaining 11.23286712328768% of 2007 I’m going to relax my own rules here and let it all hang out as it were. What can you expect for the remainder of the year? Well… non sequiturs, short bursts of blushing lunacy, lonely vagrant images, doodles, black market puns, decontextualized paragraphs riddled with links, circular logic, conspiratorial whisperings, reflexive pronouns beating the tar out of their antecedents, renegade illustrations without country or a moral compass, both bold-faced and bald-faced lies, endless tumbling d√©nouement, despair… that sort of thing. It’ll be our own Saturnalia come early. And who knows, maybe there’ll be a decent post now and again as well. So my dearest readers, consider yourself warned, the beast is loose and the bar’s been lowered! Huzzah! 

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