Truth of words, larkless, here the possibility of greatness ever a page existing. Crazy pulchritude with incomprehension. Each vision a riddle with silent smilings! The mystery is additive to all, however, with production of private head tales, tongueless! like Pinker in Chomsky’s night pillow. No memory, even as childish, these wonders. Smurfs? The Terrific Space Coaster? Kangaroo Commander? Bah! The sadness does hover at missing the most great entertainments young eyes might glance on screens, it’s certain. Old eyes now and glancing at screens. Different but approaching what was. Together our tongueless eyes! We, all of us, glance at screens!

The it is the section.

(As usual it is the mean person!)

Making “first” with consistency sucking.

Without becoming aware.

“Water doctor” so, it is Junko’s father.

Glance ream (it is and also the is to give.)

It appeared!

Furthermore, started discharging the flame from that eye!

You dash and/or are.

Route was closed.

But that man natural shape was displayed!

It was the form of the ultra 4 sibling!

Uniting, it changed to the super animal uni-tongue!

ZAT used the big mirror, the “mirror maneuvers” were executed.

Satan rose?

It is transformation in the mirror man!

It is what, don’t you think? It is which cannot be hated.

The which is the enormous face -!

Personification of badness.

“Go! Seminar strike Ra!” With the super animal.

Being enormous, it does. It is the beam from the eye of the captain! Beam!

This impact is strong! The body like the big eye and the bat deciding.

As for the person, human.

Grotesque enduring residence.


Enjoyment was intended.

(All images portioned from the magnificent bounty of here. All machine elucidations, fully actual! Happy courtesy of the babelling fish.)

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