Updating an old standard for a new century

A year or so ago I sent away for the Art Instruction Schools art test. You know the one, you’ve probably been seeing ads for it since you were a child. If you can draw the turtle or pirate or whatever other spot-illustration example they offer “you might have what it takes for a rewarding and successful career in the field of art!” When I was a kid I yearned to draw that turtle but I never did. I received the fabled test a year or so ago, as I said, but I realized almost immediately that even though the likes of Charles Shulz were counted among the Art Instruction Schools’ alumni this test was perhaps a bit out of step with the art world of today. It sat on my desk untouched until this afternoon, when I took the liberty of giving it a nonist style overhaul which I think updates this classic nicely. Look below to see whether you have what it takes for a rewarding and successful career in the art world of the 21st century!

Now with the original test you send it back via mail and it is reviewed, scored, and evaluated by their staff of art professionals, who point out your strength as well as areas for improvement, and offer an otherwise honest assessment of your potential as an artist. I assure you that is not the case here. Honest assessments are sooo 20th century! After you’ve taken the Nonist Instruction School Art Test you can ball it up, shred it, and toss it in the dumpster. Today there are no objective standards and Art is subjective to the calcium-deficient osteopathic bone.

So there you have it! You passed. You’re well on your way! Congratulations. 

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