space station science officer don pettit looks at thin liquid films. neat. (45)
list of celebrities and other prominent individuals who have experienced being homeless. (11)
with new super-repellent plastic self-washing buildings, cheap diagnostic chips, and free-flowing honey jars are now possible. (4)
skyscraper escape pods have been panned by the n.y.c. office of emergency management. (8)
chatter about the quantum measurement problem. wondering whether our universe will be assimilated by a larger "parallel" universe. (3)
using a quantum computer for counterfactual computation: inferring information about an answer without actually running the computer (?) (4)
a few words from joe sacco & art spiegelman on the danish cartoon beef. (6)
with the hideousness now only a memory a few of christo's slaves speak up. (2)
ever had the urge to build your own hoverboard? here's a how-to. (3)
v.voice piece on the birth and life of the 9-11 truth movement (via) (1)
essay: search engines, wiki's, and blogs are changing some time-honored assumptions about written communication. (via) (0)
ice worms aren't just legend or local color. they're real and with the glaciers melting possibly in danger. poor ice worms. (1)
enjoy the gorgeous images and otherwise interesting watchmakery stuff in ron decorte's notebook. (via) (1)
episode of whacky 70's, live-action, japanese spiderman show.vid here. (146)
grant barrett (of d.t.w.w.) has a personal site: the lexicographer’s rules (thnx kurt) (1)
new technology allows researchers to probe how the brain contributes to a sense of self and to perceptions of one's body and its control. (19)
in-depth look at those staple attractions of amusement parks and carnivals everywhere, the dark ride and the funhouse. (via) (1)
the face on the $1 bill is not the real George Washington. So say experts who are re-creating what he really looked like in 3-dimensions. (2)
new scanner darkly trailer is up. loved waking life, can't wait for this. (3)
astronomers looking for extraterrestrial life now have a short list of places to point their telescopes. (2)
check out these kick-ass animated spots which were supposedly submitted for clients and rejected. funny. (via) (2)
disclaimer: I am not a rocket scientist, merely an amateur that has read a lot of books. Any and all of the information on these pages may be incorrect or inaccurate. (via) (1)
on september 14, 2002, kurt steiner of emporium, pa, skipped a rock and made it into the record books. (1)
donald kuspit on spiritualism and nihilism in modern art. see here for more of his critical history. (2)
if you haven't seen this contract of wifely expectations yet give it a look. it's a doozie (3)
it's a question that has taxed generations of the finest minds in physics: do humans swim slower in syrup than in water? (via) (1)