announcing the first nonist activity book

the first in our series of activity books, the old testament edition, is complete. we are very proud to offer you these 15 pages as a free download, including 5 pages to color, a maze, a rebus story, a mad-lib, a “find the hidden picture,” a word search, and fun do-it-yourself project (answers included for your young ones.) it’s our way of giving back to the community, of doing something for the children, and of bridging the gap between us (the atheists, the agnostics, the nonists) and our righteous brothers and sisters of faith. all content is drawn directly from the old testament so it is safe, educational, and hopefully will provide good clean fun the whole family can enjoy! please see below for previews of each activity page and links to the full printable version.

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That was subtle.

posted by MrBaliHai  on  04/17  at  08:46 PM

This is just wonderful and very educational.  However, could you please put the link to the PDF file at the top, as I now have to prayeth to the Lord to restore my eyesight.

posted by .  on  04/17  at  08:54 PM

“subtle” what is that french or swahili or something? does not compute.

posted by jmorrison  on  04/17  at  08:54 PM

Just brilliant. I’m going to print out a bunch of copies and send them to my Mom and Brother to use in their Sunday School classes.

posted by dr. dave  on  04/17  at  09:34 PM

such good stuff.  glad to see it is finally done.  I’ll get copernicus right on it.

posted by .  on  04/17  at  09:35 PM

Oh foolish ones! You doth risketh the wrath of the Mighty One!


Jimmy Page that is.  Hopefully his lawyers won’t come after you for using that lovely symbol of his in the maze.

posted by tim gueguen  on  04/18  at  01:41 AM

yeah, good times. now make the announcement about the first annual thenonist coloring contest so i can smoke all these fools with my awesome crayola ability. you can’t fuck with this son!

posted by .  on  04/18  at  04:47 PM

Blue Oyster Cult! hehehehehheheee! Well, it *is* a cult. This stuff is the shit.

posted by .  on  04/19  at  06:43 PM

Interesting - took a great deal of work.

posted by .  on  11/14  at  03:36 AM

you folks are nuts… very funny stuff…. you should know my girls picked up the madlibs genesis thing in Sunday school… they had hours of fun putting in words like poop and potty and each other’s names (7 & 9, what do you want)

sad to say, though, that it appears you heathen gentile pagans and public school is having more impact on them than their church :)

good luck with the new site you are working on and save me a seat in hell if you get there first (heh heh heh)

posted by Michael  on  03/05  at  07:15 PM

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