graphis annual ‘59 part 1

in 1944 walter herdeg, a thirty-four-year-old zürich-born advertising designer, decided to launch an international design magazine which he called graphis after the greek word for a writing instrument. now, 61 years later, graphis has mutated into 3 separate trade journals; and graphic design, advertising, and photography are hardly in need of the nurturing which was impetus for graphis’ creation in the first place. in 2005 advertising design and photography are so agressively prevelant that the more natural desire might be the desire to shut them out. in any case back in graphis’ heyday their publications were pretty unique; the early annuals in particular are treasure troves of pre-computer design and illustration. i’m fortunate enough to own a couple from the late fifties and i’ve decided to share some of their contents.

Style may change over time - but good stuff simply keeps being good! Thanks for sharing.

posted by orangeguru  on  06/11  at  10:54 PM

Yes, yes, please share more. I’ve been eyeing those mid- to late-50’s and early 60’s Graphis annuals for some time now on eBay, but the bids skyrocket. Thank you for showcasing some of the work here.

posted by Ward  on  06/13  at  01:37 AM

my pleasure ward. i’ve been kind of stingy about them up until now i guess. hiding them away. but no more. i plan to do one showcase per-week until i get bored or my scanning arm falls off, whichever comes first. i will say this though, if you can scrape together the scratch to pick some up, do it, you will not be disappointed. the only complaint i’ve got about them is that i wish more of the pates were in color. they describe the colors for the black and white reproductions, but that does not quite do, does it? otherwise- treasure.

posted by jmorrison  on  06/13  at  08:21 AM

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