graphis annual ‘59 part 2

here we present part 2 (part 1 here) of our on going showcase of graphis annuals. here is more from charles rosner’s intro to the graphis annual for 1959: it is felt in creative circles that a great deal of originality and imagination is hampered by the power excercised by the results of research. there is no getting away from the wide-spread use and influence of these methods, but it might be timely to put on record here the apt remark of doyle dane bernbach, the successful advertising agent: ‘advertising isn’t a science, it’s persuasion. and persuasion is an art.’ even then the same complaints! below you will find a second helping of work. enjoy.

Beautiful!! I like the cats.

posted by Sebastian  on  06/19  at  04:46 PM

I like the devilish airman in the guinness illustration. of course, i would probably like pressed ass on glass if guinness was part of the bargain.

posted by .  on  06/20  at  08:58 PM


posted by The Cartoonist  on  06/29  at  09:33 AM

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