utriusque cosmi and the last alchemist

before the theory of the big bang, before the heliocentric model, indeed before science proper, all manner of theory as to the origins of the cosmos jostled for position. as late as the 17th century religious sects, alchemists, and mystics still held enough sway to throw their own theoretical hats into the ring and receive due consideration. religious sects and mystics are still at it i suppose (intelligent design anyone?) but the alchemists are long gone. what follows is the story of creation as put forth in the book utriusque cosmi historia published in 1617, written by one dr. robert fludd.

fludd: the wilhelm reich of the 17th c.

my friend kevin gave me a copy of mackay’s book long ago. it has a good account of the tulip mania, the south seas bubble, and some other stuff.

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