pictures of spring

shunga (春画), translated literally as picture of spring, are the category of Japanese ukiyo-e prints dealing with the explicitly erotic. shunga were produced between the sixteenth century and the nineteenth century by the “floating world” painters (essentially all the painters of the period, including the masters, since shunga sold so well). Japanese shunga prints were bought for several reasons. One was certainly for the fun of viewing sexually stimulating erotic images. But they served also for the sexual education of young men and women. interesting. here are some links for your viewing pleasure: greg kucera gallery (via), princesstiara’s page, sumisho gallery, ukiyoe gallery, akantiek, degener, and things japanese. obviously nsfw.

the greg kucera collection is a gas. the bell ringers? bang a gong, get it on! and that octopus… well, he looks determined enough…

posted by .  on  09/27  at  09:22 PM

Thank you for the shunga lesson, i had much pleasure - browsing over the images. i have always loved Japanese painting, was taking calligraphy lessons last year, what an experience body and soul!
i don’t look at the shunga as erotic painting really, i don’t know why i can’t really see it this way, for me it’s an artistic pleasure, graphic pleasure of color and lines and shapes and scheme…

posted by Moon  on  09/28  at  06:56 PM

They’re great. A fascinating busyness to their drawing and perspective.

It reminded me that I’d been saving a Ukiyo-e link page for further exploration. No Shunga that I can see.

But there are TONS of U-sites out there. (actually, thinking now, it’s a pretty good way to find direct links to ‘cultural’ Japanese sites) But it’s Swedish (?)

posted by peacay  on  10/25  at  06:55 PM

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