the first international erotic art show

evidently, and i must admit i find this hard to believe, the first international show of erotic art was held in 1968 at the lund museum of art in sweden. i find it hard to believe because 68 seems such a very late date but my recently purchased 2 volume set called, simply enough, erotic art (which are companion volumes to the show) say it is just so. they have over 800 plates collectively which is fantastic, but they are also fascinating books because so much of their text is taken up with the task of selling, explaining, and rationalizing the show to what was evidently an very doubtful public. a bit different from today when every book store has an erotica section eh?

went to a great frickin’ surrealism show at the metropolitan museum of art a couple years ago, and saw paintings i’d been reading about since i was in middle school. they had some of hans bellmer’s dolls, and they seared themselves into my memory. “damn, that’s dirty,” or squeals to that effect, burbled out of my amygdala. great, great surrealist rule-breaking shiznit. the quantity of amazing art in that show was mind-bending.

i know i’ve heard of tomi ungerer before, but can’t say where. in the future i hope to own all those machines.

alejandro’s stuff looks like an orgy on the surface of solaris to me. i wouldn’t go out there without an umbrella. no sir.

of all these, tauzin is the one that really, uh, primes my pump, ahem.

bravo, jaime, where do you find such delights?

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at friendly neighborhood used bookstore as always t. no end to the goodies to be found there. i agree, tauzing is the only one i might actually give the “erotic” nod to.

actually i feel like i ought to have written more about the show since it holds the particular distinction it does, but i didn’t feel like transposing vast quantities of text and figured most people would probably skim right to the pictures anyway. ah well.

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Damn damn double damn. You reminded me of Félicien Rops whom I only first met the other day but I’ve spent 1/2 an hour and can’t find the link I had to a large German site (not .dk) devoted to anti-religion. (something like religiskrit or the like)
I’d found an innocuous but interesting image by Rops and went searching - this German site had a great many erotica/antireligious images that you may have found shockingly-ish interesting. {the site was much more than mere eyefluff however - has a big bulldog at the top of the page}

Rops turns up everywhere from erowid to sacredtexts to satanophilic sites. He had all the major food groups covered!

Oh actually, one of the antireligion images is here.

Also stumbled into this and another one that your parser won’t accept pawnokratesdotcom (respell the beginning before the ‘o’).

I can’t remember why I decided against making a post—- probably wanted to keep my vanilla halo unblemished ;- )

Thanks for this by the way. Heh.

[Do I need to say that all these links will automagically soil the eyes and soul and cause famine and pestilence in neighbouring galaxies?]

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The link to that German site with the weird Rops and much more….....just stumbled into it:

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Thank you for reminding me of the wonderful Drs. Kronhausen and their fabulous book!  My parents got it in a lot of books at auction when I was 13 and it changed my life and opened wonderful doors with Mario Tauzin and Franz von Bayros leading the way.

It was a search for Tauzin that landed me here today.

You made my day!  Thanks!


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Hah, I forgot the main reason I was commenting!  The Henri Breton book “The Devil’s Whisperer” was actually not a product of the thirties.  Tauzin’s etching were used as illustration in Breton’s 2004 publication.

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