morning sounds

groan. the fetid zombie scratches his nuts and pours some coffee. the smell does not open his eyes. he hears voices from the television and its morning show. he swears: “not fucking news” or “go fuck yourself katie couric.” he makes the minor preparations which constitute “getting ready for work.” a dab, a dollop, a splish, a splash. he pulls clothes from the pile. he fills his pockets with the necessary items to navigate a day in the world. he grunts toward his cats, kisses his girl, and stumbles out the door. half a block toward the train station he locates the white earbuds, taps the white plastic, and the music begins…

Jose Gonzalez: Veneer

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You might like Keiko Matsui… Walls of Akendora.

posted by darkneuro  on  02/09  at  02:24 AM

I would definately give Nick Drake a spin. First Bryter Layter, then Five Leaves Left, then Pink Moon.

His songs are gentle and thoughtful, brings to mind strolling through some leafy london street on a balmy summers day in the seventies.

These selections dovetail nicely into the playlist along with that new-fangled Hippiddy Hop.

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air, especially the moon safari album, which is like updated pink floyd with a helping of french cool. closely related vibehood is provided by morcheeba and goldfrapp.

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If you like classic, then get some Mozart and some Overtures from Operas. They are usually energetic, but still melodic and never agressive.

Some new age style music is also a nice way to start off, if it has some faster rhythm to it. Some pieces of Enja come to mind - but not too many.

There are some ambient compilation called Space Music out there, which have some more upbeat songs, that are still smooth to the soul.

Or get some lounge sounds like Bert Kaempfert?

posted by orangeguru  on  02/09  at  07:08 PM

Another big space on my iPod is taken by soundtracks:

* Thin Red Line (pure beauty)
* Mishima
* Ocean’s Eleven
* The Last Emperor
* The Pink Panther
* The Sea Hawk

posted by orangeguru  on  02/09  at  07:10 PM

I like to stir my ear with various sounds, from classical to new artist, that I’m introduce to by my daughter and friends
always - keeping an open ear to what makes me ‘tick’
music has such a grand impact over me, it puts me in the mood, it give me the drive, the motion, the silence, the expending feeling or the getting inside…all depends in the circumstances..

i do recommend you to try listening to:

Jordi Savall-Medieval orchestra - it’s divine
Beth Gibbons - divine voice
Element Of Crime - especially their German songs
Martha Wainwright - sweet-rough voice
her brother:
Rufus Wainwright - a delight!
Hope Sandoval - she’ll kill you softly

as some one once said:“Only so many songs can be sung With two lips, two lungs and one tongue”

taking notes from your recommendations

posted by moon  on  02/10  at  03:08 AM

Given the breadth of your list, it’s hard to imagine that you haven’t thought of the following music already, but still, I think that Iron & Wine, Low, Thievery Corporation, Antony & the Johnsons, Belle and Sebastian, Cat Power, Elliott Smith, Ida (Will You Find Me), Richard Buckner (Devotion and Doubt), Spacemen 3 (Perfect Prescription), Sparklehorse (It’s a Wonderful Life), St. Germain (Tourist), Surjan Stevens (all), and Yo La Tengo (And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out) might fit the bill.  Perhaps some reggae, too—Lee Perry and The Gladiators are my favorites.

posted by Matt  on  02/11  at  01:51 AM

i’m happy to say i’ve seen lee perry, with mad professor in a small venue in cambridge, ma if i remember correctly. he had cd’s glued on his clothes and shoes.

posted by .  on  02/11  at  06:52 AM

thanks for the recommendations everyone. i’m already familiar with some (air, goldfrapp, Belle and Sebastian, Cat Power, Yo La Tengo, etc) but not all of them. i’ll certainly give the others a look.

@orange: i’ve got a recording of requiem which i love. i listen to the classical stations on itunes a lot but they generally blend into one long song in my mind. one of the area’s i enjoy but have zero knowledge of.

posted by jmorrison  on  02/12  at  02:45 PM

Well, gimme me a hint what you like in a ‘classical’ piece and I can recommend some starting points.

If you like some singing or prefer choral works? Maybe bigger sounds - like full symphonic orchestras or smaller ones like chamber music?

Maybe send you some stuff as well?

posted by orangeguru  on  02/12  at  08:41 PM

give the first few Crooked Fingers albums a listen. sad whiskey broken heart goodness.
and of course, as said above, nick drake. though
i’m not as much a fan of “bryter layter” as i am of the others.

posted by .  on  02/13  at  01:14 PM

don’t forget about tortoise and the sea and cake…

posted by jrizzi  on  02/15  at  01:16 PM

thank you for the recommendation for the
dirty three!!!
it’s is so touching and beautiful!!!

posted by moon  on  02/18  at  08:13 AM

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