diversions are dead! long live diversions

well, i think i may have earned myself one of the nifty copy left pins (pictured) yesterday. i was having a hard time accomplishing anything so used the casual competition over at orphan army as a diversion from more pressing matters. evidently when the copyleft / creative commies thing flared up a while back patrick had wm. spear design whip up a batch of these enamel flags. patrick was feeling guilty that they didn’t sell like hotcackes so decided to give some away. he requested visual mashups incorporating the copyleft flag design. i did a bit of photoshop tomfoolery and hey presto chango-

well the rules were you had to be one of the first 30 to claim a pin, which i was not, but patrick was kind enough to offer me one on effort. so thanks pat!

in related news, which is to say in another instance of my evading ongoing projects to engage in some digital goofing off, a week back i saw that mrdantefontana over at pcl linkdump was doing a redesign. his aesthetic reminded me of an even older bit of digital manipulation i’d done way back of two platonic, fifties, nuclear family type folks, a guy and a gal. he’s showing off the soles of his shoes and the crap he just stepped in, she’s showing off her handbag which is splotched with bird shit. they are very pleased. anyhow i adapted it for pcl and sent it, on a lark, to mrdantefontana, a.k.a. sebastian. he dug it and decided to put it in pcl’s sidebar… where, boys and girls, it resides to this day. awwww. anyhow here it is:

alright, i have resigned myself to stop goofing off and get back to the matters at hand, that damned nonist activity book (which i very nearly gave up on 8 pages in, for spite, after mistakingly saving over the best illustration i’d done for it), other goodies for the soon to exist downloads section, the cryptograffiti project, my upcoming photo show this spring ($hit! fu¢k!), and, of course, the little matter of actually posting cogent, interesting, worth your time things here on the site… phew. lots to do! ok, back to work.

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