far away, so close

woke up in the suburbs this morning surrounded by the sounds of birds, squirrels scratching, and sputtering sprinklers. a gorgeous morning and yet the date, now america’s dark anti-holiday, cast a long shadow. looking around the neighborhood i thought, “it must have been exactly like this 4 years ago as the towers were coming down.” birds and squirrels and sprinklers. so much has been said about september 11th already, so much of it disingenuous, self serving, and revolting that i’d rather not say anything more. i would, however, in recognition of the date like to share a few of the photos i took that day. if you’d rather not have the familiar images drilled yet again into your skull, just pass this post by.

this is what i saw 4 years ago from broadway and 9th street.

i can’t believe it was four years ago. seems so much further away in some ways and so much closer in others.
back to regular blogging tomorrow.

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