the jilted and disgruntled haters of a certain manufactured holiday find a home

  I really don’t get bitter at the thought of or passing of Valentine’s Day. I think everyone knows of its rather prefabricated beginnings in modern america. It’s not like being alone on this day is any more poignant or heartbreaking than any other day spent alone. Also, let’s face it, it’s a chick’s holiday. Don’t take that the wrong way as I am not trying to come off as a chavaunist (well, i guess using the word ‘chick’ isn’t exactly the best way to go about that. apologies.) but c’mon i woke up today and didn’t even realize it was valentine’s day until I overheard one of the female editors at my workplace remarking to another woman that her boyfriend had better be doing something romantic for her this year, after forgetting last year, or she was going to ‘dump his sorry ass’. the only thing men in relationships like about valentine’s day is the prospect of the red and pink lingerie their woman might be wearing and the only thing single men like about valentine’s day is how much easier it is to get a single woman of a certain age and disposition in to bed on that particular day of the year. but i digress. here is a website by and for people who really don’t like st. valentine’s day. via screenhead