six word novel

Other day, I was reading a new utne reader, and there were (natch) a couple of articles worth mentioning here at the nonist. One article concerned six word novels written by famous scribes. Since that issue is so phresh, google did not return any result for me to link (in fact, one version of my search was bit of a googlewhack {returning only one result} concerning flash fiction, or very short stories). Anyway, Hemingway, as I recall, wrote this six-word novel:

For Sale: baby shoes. never used.

So: do any of you nonists have a six word novel you’ve been slaving over, that you may wish to share with the rest of us? Here’s a few of mine:

Clown car, burning. Forty dead? Fifty?

OH christ, my balls! Fucking vultures!

Saudi king. Drag queen. Forbidden fruit.

Antihero. Antichrist. Antimatter. Car chase. Anticlimax.

“Adolf, liebchen: horny?” ” Nein! Raping Poland!’

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