Above we see a control image (a) and the same image drawn by a patent suffering from hemispacial neglect (b), a condition in which awareness of an entire side of space is lost.

Quote: Hemineglect, also known as unilateral neglect, hemispatial neglect or spatial neglect, is is a common and disabling condition following brain damage in which patients fail to be aware of items to one side of space. The deficit may be so profound that patients are unaware of large objects, even people, towards their neglected or contralesional side. They may eat from only one side of a plate, write on one side of a page, shave or make-up only the non-neglected or ipsilesional side of their face. Many patients are often also unaware they have a deficit. - Masud Husain, Scholarpedia.

Though it can affect both hemispheres and can manifest as unawareness of sounds, smells, tactile stimuli, and even memories, dreams and hallucinations, the most common form is left-sided “visual neglect,” as seen in the cat example above, in which sufferers are rendered blind to everything appearing to their left.  Fascinating. Also of note is the extremely odd way in which those suffering this most common form of the condition perceive ordinary television screens… see below.


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