Offshoots & Outgrowths

Presented here are both stand-alone projects hosted by The Nonist and outgrowths of the site which have proved popular enough to warrant a permanent address of their own. Hope you enjoy.


The Archeography Project

The Archeography Project is a group of 31 "artifacts" presented for your perusal. The texts and images included in the group would seem drawn from disparate cultures and multiple time periods though few are ultimately what they appear to be. The language included in them is largely untranslatable, the symbology atypical or hopelessly opaque. Their meaning remains a topic of debate. More information available within. Have a look.


The Photography Project

The Photography Project isn't a "project" as such, just a small group of my own photographs, published, exhibited, and otherwise. By way of introduction I'll say only that as a photographer I'm drawn toward subjects which are humble, unassuming, and more often than not overlooked. If one wanted to categorize them they might be described as snapshots of the "so common as to be invisible" natural processes around us. For more information see the statement page which accompanies the work. Have a look.

l.e.s. stickers

L.E.S. Sticker Collection

The L.E.S. Sticker Collection is a group of stickers that I peeled from the streets of Manhattan's Lower East Side between roughly the years of 1992 and 1996. That's back when I was in art school and the grimy, weathered, surrounds of downtown were "fresh in my nostrils" so to speak. Today the collection serves as a sort of informal time capsule. Maybe you'll see something you recognize? Have a look.

blog depression

The Nonist Blog Depression Pamphlet

There is a growing epidemic causing more suffering with each passing day. As blogging has exploded and, under the stewardship of the veterans the form has matured, more and more bloggers are finding themselves disillusioned, dissatisfied, taking long breaks, and in many cases simply closing up shop. This scourge ebbs and flows but there is hardly a blogger among us who has not felt it’s dark touch. This pamphlet, entitled what everyone should know about blog depression, is an attempt to bring this affliction into the light. Download the pdf to disseminate or preview it here.

activity book 1

The Nonist Activity Book- Old Testament Edition

The first in what I hope will become a series of Nonist activity books: The Old Testament edition. It's 15 pages of family fun, including 5 pages to color, a maze, a rebus story, a mad-lib, a “find the hidden picture,” a word search, and a do-it-yourself project (answers included for your young ones.) It’s my way of giving back to the community, of doing something for the children, and of bridging the gap between us (the atheists, the agnostics, the nonists) and our righteous brothers and sisters of faith. All content is drawn directly from the old testament so it is safe and educational. Download the full, print ready, pdf or preview it here

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