announcing the first nonist activity book

the first in our series of activity books, the old testament edition, is complete. we are very proud to offer you these 15 pages as a free download, including 5 pages to color, a maze, a rebus story, a mad-lib, a “find the hidden picture,” a word search, and fun do-it-yourself project (answers included for your young ones.) it’s our way of giving back to the community, of doing something for the children, and of bridging the gap between us (the atheists, the agnostics, the nonists) and our righteous brothers and sisters of faith. all content is drawn directly from the old testament so it is safe, educational, and hopefully will provide good clean fun the whole family can enjoy! please see below for previews of each activity page and links to the full printable version.

in order to complete this project we needed to spend a good long time brushing up on that greatest of all books- the old testament. inside it we found the stories which have shaped our culture, served as compass to our moral center, and provided the strong thread of which the very fabric of our identities is woven. it was a pleasure to return to these tales of morality and law, and we do not exaggerate when we say, it is with perhaps an even greater pleasure that we offer you, the community, and the world, our humble nod to this towering book’s continuing influence on all of humanity.

please note friends that each of the thumbnails below can be clicked on for a larger view. we recommend downloading the entire pdf version if you plan on making use of the activity book. the pdf is print quality and contains 4 extra pages with solutions for all the word games and puzzles. please contact us if you encounter any problems.

presented by: the nonist. coloring and activity series 1:
the old testament edition. not for sale.

coloring page inspired by leviticus 26:29

a maze inspired by deuteronomy 7:5

a “popular old testament word” word search

a coloring page inspired by numbers 11:1

a rebus story version of isaiah 34:1-34:10

a coloring page inspired by deuteronomy 28:22

a fun, outdoors, do-it-yourself inspired by leviticus 1-7

a mad libs version of genesis 1:24-1:31

a hidden picture game inspired by numbers 14:33

a coloring page inspired by leviticus 24:16

for the higher quality print ready version of the whole book, inculding the solutions pages, please download the pdf. we hope you enjoy this book. look forward to additions to this series in the future, and have a great today!

let us know what you think.

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