lower east side stickers 92-95

back in my days of youth and studentdom i was a big junk collector. new york, as many folks will tell you, has fantastic junk of all kinds just laying around waiting to be grabbed. anyhow, beck then, aside from your regular junk (furniture, do-dads, etc) i had a special fondness for the stickers which plastered every surface. between the years of roughly 92 through 95 i peeled many a sticker in the lower east side. this was before i shut my eyes to the barrage of information on the streets out of consumer exhaustion; before i became a working graphic designer and was still impressed by and hungry for nifty logos and graphics. anyhow, now-a-days the premium on every inch of personal space here in the city has curbed my junk collection, but the old piles managed to stick around. now, over ten years on, i thought these stickers were a pretty cool little time capsule and i’ve decided to post some of them for your browsing pleasure. enjoy!

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