Juice of Cursed Hebenon

History of Poison. Poisoning in Ancient Times. Poisoning in the Middle Ages. Poisons in the Renaisance. Poisoning in the 16th, 17th and 18th Century. Poisoning in the Victorian Times. Poisoning in the 20th Century. Don’t Chew the Wallpaper: A History of Poison. A Brief History of Poison. Folklore Poisons. List of Poisonings. A Brief History of Poisoning. The Elements of Murder. The Fine Art of Poisoning.

The one conclusive argument that has at all times discouraged people from drinking a poison is not that it kills but rather that it tastes bad. -Nietzsche.

What is the Most Deadly Poison in the World? A Poison Tree. Illustrated Index of Poisionous Plants. Poisonous Plants Database. Poison Apple. Wild Inedible and Poisonous Mushrooms. Mushroom Poisoning. Poisonous Plants, Animals, and Arthropods. Poison Harpooned Cone Snail. Poison in a Cone. Poison Frogs. Poison Dart Frogs. Poison Powder. Poison Cups. Drink Me. Poison Jewelry. Poison Arrow. Arnesic in the Eye. Antique Poison Bottles. Collecting Poison Bottles. Antique Poison labels. Mr. Yuk. About Mr. Yuk. And Finally…


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And dont forget: The ultimate. :-)


posted on 08.22 at 11:45 PM.

You slay me.

(And darn it, now I’ve got that song “Poison Ivy” running through my head…)


posted on 08.23 at 09:36 AMLori Witzel

I know who I’m not asking for cocktail mixing advice.
And: welcome back oh wise one.

posted on 08.25 at 02:57 AMpeacay

Now, if I could only decide whether to twirl my mustache or wring my hands when I laugh maniacally…

posted on 08.25 at 03:18 PMjmorrison

Well done. Keep up the great work. Best regards!

posted on 09.01 at 04:30 AM.

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