If you are anything like me good reader (and since you are here at all I must assume that, in some small way at least, you are) you look at the image above, and you read the caption, and you wonder, “what does that mean?” It seems simple enough. A quirky drawing; a short caption. You can’t help but run through possibilities– A comic strip? A children’s book? An illustration from an exposé on the secrets of magic? A rejected New Yorker Cartoon? And yet… it remains opaque somehow doesn’t it?. I mean “M. Ivorde’s little man?” That seems odd. And what’s with the space helmet? And what’s that he’s holding? A metal detector? A street sweeper’s dust-pan? Just what exactly is happening here?

I came across this image accidentally, much as you have, and if you’re anything like me you’re a curious sort and would like nothing better than to just click a link real quick, satisfy that curiosity, and move on. Well, having been down that road I have to ask you, in all seriousness, is that really what you want? I mean, couldn’t you just let it go?

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But really, could you please include links to where we might purchase garments with pointy hats and propulsors in epolettes for Christmas? Golly, I know my ma would love an outfit like that.

(Loonee indeed, good sir.)

posted on 11.29 at 03:42 AM.

God help me, I clicked.  It was worth it for the photo gallery of ornamental pigs.

posted on 11.29 at 07:20 AMsimon

Either I have shown my ignorance to the sites at which you link, or my curiosity has gotten the best of me. I now find myself knee deep in the texts of such a bizarre site that I can scarcely pull myself away from

“Well, according to what is explained on a separate web page evil, they would immediately arrange a farm of slaves for themselves on a remote planet. Then they would force children of these slaves to do for them all works.”

Within that are more links to which I must learn more. I’m not sure what or why, but it truly is too late for me. I’m not sure whether to thank you or curse you for such a “gift”.

posted on 11.29 at 12:59 PMJackDirt

Clicky McClickerton!  Hahahahahahahahahahahah! Found my new online dating name.


posted on 11.29 at 02:28 PM.

I did it as well: I clicked.  Despite the warning, I, too, wanted to find out more about how the little man climbed the wall.  Alas, I couldn’t find any text about it, merely the description of the illustration.  Was that the point of this post?  That no matter how hard I (briefly) try, I will never learn more than the caption of the illustration tells me itself?

posted on 11.29 at 03:15 PM.

i now feel compelled to start a church of totalizm…

god bless the freedom of the net

posted on 11.29 at 07:12 PM.

Thanks for your gentleness.  I am a bit worried about you though…

posted on 12.01 at 05:28 PM.

I haven’t clicked. Yet.

It calls to me.

It calls with the soft voice of a crack pipe you just remembered.

But I must prepare. First, a solid piss. A shower, a shave, and then I wil steady my nerves with a bottle or two of Magic Hat #9.

Perhaps then.

posted on 12.01 at 09:44 PM.

Now all we need to do is introduce the author of this strange collection of links to the Timecube guy…. Oh, the thrill! ;-D

posted on 12.02 at 01:56 AMMoody834

Oh, dear…

I clicked. I clicked two links, and my browser crashed!

I cant’ say you didn’t give fair warning…


posted on 12.11 at 01:07 AMbluewyvern

I just KNOW that this guy would attract me with his colorful intellect at a dinner party, and after about 30 seconds I would figure out that he’s wacko and for the remainder of the evening, I would curse the day that I struck up a conversation with this guy.

That being said, magnetism has always fascinated me. Perhaps he’s on to something, I just don’t have the engineering background to make any assessment of his work.

He certainly does have some time on his hands, though don’t he?

posted on 12.24 at 10:09 PMal

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