Gratuitously illustrated short history of early 20th century Russian theater from symbolism to The Bedbug.

Justin Smith @ 3 Quarks Daily: Why We Do Not Eat Our Dead. Bonus link: Cannibalism and Human Sacrifice By: Dr. Sam Vaknin.

Deep in the Amazon jungle, writer Kira Salak tests ayahuasca, a shamanistic medicinal ritual, and finds a terrifying—but enlightening—world within. Peru: Hell and Back.

Serving the guest: food for remembrance. A cookbook with essays and anecdotes on the historic and contemporary role of food, meals and hospitality in Sufism. Also features a gallery of Islamic art.

Responsible metal detecting in England and Whales. Features some history on archaeology from both England and Scotland and a gallery of over 7,000 related images.

Nonhuman work. A Forbes piece written by none other than the lovable old coot PZ myers on the subject of whether animals do “work.” 

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