While searching out some relevant linkage for the term “pantheistic solipsism” I came up pretty well flat. One hit, however, made me laugh. There was an entry for it on a site called “all science fair projects.com” which bills itself as the Science Fair Project Encyclopedia… I started thinking about some kid doing research for his tired old sputtering volcano and coming across (who knows how) the idea for “pantheistic solipsism” and deciding, “Hey, that sounds like a great science fair project!” What are the odds? I imagined the kid standing there with some poster board diorama with scribbly marker text and a few taped up photos and I just had to laugh. Made me wonder what other unlikely bits of science project fare might be listed in the Science Fair Project Encyclopedia… I laughed heartily, then, of course, I had to fire up ye olde photoshoppe. See below. 

OK with that one out of the way here are a few others which leapt off the page so to speak.

Ha. Truth is there were too many and I had to cut myself off. Might have been here all night making vignettes which horrify parents and science teachers hoping to avoid just this sort of thing. On the other hand they must see so many of the same things over and over again that a good “nutritional value of cannibalism” project might be just the thing.

The “Teats” project though… I mean come on! Why did I do the boring ol’ heart one year and bones another when there were teats to be studied?

P.S. My sincerest apologies to the parents of the kids whose images I used here. But they were just so darned cute! Plus they were pretty much all I could find.

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