lower east side stickers 92-95

back in my days of youth and studentdom i was a big junk collector. new york, as many folks will tell you, has fantastic junk of all kinds just laying around waiting to be grabbed. anyhow, beck then, aside from your regular junk (furniture, do-dads, etc) i had a special fondness for the stickers which plastered every surface. between the years of roughly 92 through 95 i peeled many a sticker in the lower east side. this was before i shut my eyes to the barrage of information on the streets out of consumer exhaustion; before i became a working graphic designer and was still impressed by and hungry for nifty logos and graphics. anyhow, now-a-days the premium on every inch of personal space here in the city has curbed my junk collection, but the old piles managed to stick around. now, over ten years on, i thought these stickers were a pretty cool little time capsule and i’ve decided to post some of them for your browsing pleasure. enjoy!

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I am suprised there is only one postal sticker in your collection, and its not even the one most people use today. Kinda dates the use of that sticker. Interesting collection, my favorite is the BAD RONALD!

posted by Lobster Roll  on  03/02  at  11:09 AM

actually l.r. that postal sticker is the one i designed myself. the only one of the lot. i think the postal sticker itself may be even older than the collection. i had a pile of those laying around for a long while before i ever used them… yeah bad ronald’s funny. wonder what the hell it was for?

posted by jmorrison  on  03/02  at  11:28 AM

found your site through wooster collective, thanks for sharing your “ancient” sticker collection with us. :: thumbs up :: cant wait to see the rest later

posted by .  on  03/02  at  06:04 PM

interesting browse, cheers.
check the early obey.

posted by .  on  03/02  at  06:30 PM

My church is represented in there. The Uncle Sam “act like a dumbshit” one is from the Church of the Subgenius.

posted by dspbl  on  03/02  at  06:32 PM

I can’t believe I missed the old school Flower Guy.

posted by dspbl  on  03/02  at  06:36 PM

@ neko and numz: glad you enjoyed them. been sitting in my closet for 10 years, figured someone else might dig them, guess i was right. @ dspbl: yeah i recognized bob’s face. not sure i even knew what the csg was when i peeled it though…

posted by jmorrison  on  03/02  at  07:21 PM

Sweet stickaz! I recog a couple of those things: the quote “if you act like a dumbshit they’ll treat you as an equal” is from my favorite author, RObert Anton WIlson http://www.rawilson.com . And the two bare asses are John and Yoko from the ‘two virgins’ album cover (I’d recognize that deflated ass anywhere).

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Oh I just read you did the postal sticker. bad ass! You are a graphic designer for a living? the website has a very elegant look, so I assume so.

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Correction: R.A. Wilson might have quoted the dumbshit line or maybe the subgenii got it from him (some say “bob dobbs” is really “bob wilson.”)

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haha i’ve thrown half full 40s at at least 4 of the stickers featured in your collection interesting little time capsule particularly the ‘no flesh will be spared’ jammie which was one of the earliest examples of viral street marketing by something other than a club or a band (it was some stupid video game if i remember correctly)

posted by .  on  03/03  at  02:20 PM

yup, zpc it was a video game put out by gt interactive, a company james and i worked for which no longer exists. was actually a pretty cool game… theoretically at least. all the characters and items looked like something out of a kmfdm album cover. was lame because it was built on the same engine as hexen, etc.

posted by jmorrison  on  03/03  at  03:41 PM

the idea for that game was the return of jesus, but this time he was armed and super pissed.
what ever happened with war gods? i never saw it outside of there office. oh how those halls resounded with our triumphs and defeats. and headphones for speakers.
inubus wins!!!
i was on ludlow last night to see a friends’ band play. the changes to the street made my insides ache, as well as the burrito from el sombrero.
do you still have the painting you made from collaged stickers in jack “dickhead” whittens class? was it lost to the coffee cup void?

posted by jrizzi  on  03/03  at  04:35 PM

that painting is long lost. probably for the best. haha. i remember we just left a bunch of my paintings in odd spots after that last class and took off. they’re probably all 500 feet down in the fresh kills landfill by now.

posted by jmorrison  on  03/03  at  07:33 PM

WOW!. i actually have some of those stickers on my dj equipment.. i love the andre the giant one i have that on a book somehewere..

thanks for the quick stroll.

posted by 3kris  on  03/03  at  09:45 PM

I love how you have the Andre the Giant sticker twice.

posted by David  on  03/03  at  11:13 PM

The blue round sticker under the “don’t breed” one looks SO FAMILIAR.  what the hell is it from?  I used to have an odd collection like this, but someone trashed it on me.  :(

posted by Electron Storm  on  03/03  at  11:48 PM

Dude, thank you so much for the collection! Please post some more, seriously impressive and rare to get shit of this quality…. Exactly what the internet is about.
The postal sticker is my favourite thing on there as well; that’s some iconic shit. In london the Royal Mail sticker graf thing is a massive thing right now, had never seen it done anywhere else (obviously jus due to my poor knowledge of this shit).
Anyway, ‘preciate it dude, throw some more up.

posted by .  on  03/04  at  03:52 PM

Those are some great stickers .... I only know the Obey campaign everything is new to me.. thann you

posted by rupert  on  03/04  at  09:39 PM

where does the kingpin sticker come from?  i looked at that sticker every day for three years and never knew what it was.

posted by david  on  03/08  at  05:07 PM

Wow. Thanks for the memories.  I played guitar in Sweet Diesel(sticker about halfway down the page).  Is this someone I know? These were definately what you would of seen in the bathroom of any East Village bar circa 1994-1996.  Anyway, nice work. Ben.

posted by Ben Diesel  on  03/09  at  01:22 PM

LOVE THEM! Please post more!

posted by MissT  on  03/12  at  12:16 PM

Outstanding site indeed.
The don’t breed stkr, pure stickerjoy
I have done a few myself in the way back then.
I like the thought of them being destroyed, eroding. But I wonder also if they are remembered.
Thanks. Cryptograffiti, did you stop and think for a second? yes? Mission accomplished. Cheers.

posted by inhale13  on  03/16  at  02:57 PM

I had the ZPC stickers (including one with the angry Jesus-face emerging from a pool of green goo) on my binder in college.  If they were from the same artist behind the KMFDM covers, which I think they were, that’s Aidan Hughes.  I don’t know whether they were distributed through more than one channel (I assume they were), but I got mine inserted in an issue of WIZARD magazine.  (Oh, the wasted money…)

Big ups to the Subgenii in the hizzy, also.

posted by .  on  04/04  at  02:10 AM

I am blown away. I cannot believe that the Jesus Chills With A 40 Stickers myself and my friends made is shown. Thanks for giving us love, and Jesus Chills With A 40 never died actually, and we are planning to make a come back late this year/early next year, over 15 years later after its inception. I am trying to recall if I planted that sticker while I went to Parsons or while I was still in High School. Either way as I said I am blown away to see it showcased.

We never truly realized the impact we had made, granted it was a smaller one, until years later, hence the return.

Thanks Again. Kick Ass Site Too.

Larry C. aka Dirty Larry of Dirty Digital Designs

posted by Dirty Larry  on  08/04  at  08:55 AM

are they not xlnt stkrz? ys, they r.

posted by .  on  08/04  at  09:36 PM

Wow, I used to have a bunch of these on my old drumset.

posted by Jared  on  10/12  at  10:40 AM

that one of a cartoon house with one eye was the logo for a band called VPN, aka “very pleasant neighbor”. fyi!

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Jaime, have you noticed the gibberish comments lately? I would not dare click on any of the links they offer. What is this?

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I have been into Gaming my whole life and I have acquired lots of “junk” as well but as the years go by your happy to have collected it all and it kind becomes new if u haven’t played something in awhile.

posted by Sam  on  02/07  at  05:02 PM

I used to have a bunch of these on my old drumset.too..

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