the erotic coloring book

thought today i’d dip into my extremely sexy archives… ahhh yeah baby… and offer you a little somethin to heat up this cold dry sunday… o.k. so i’m no barry white but i did pick up this little gem at a local bookstore on a recommendation from the clerk (thanks nameless clerk) which i wanted to share. it’s a slim but large format volume called the erotic coloring book published in 1975 by berlin & associates out of l.a., illustrated by a guy named craig berlin. it’s high-larious and most assuredly nsfw. possibly nsfpptdhf as well (not safe for people prone to dangerous hallucinogenic flashbacks). you might consider it the companion piece to this earlier post i suppose. see a sampling of the self proclaimed erotic pages below.

I had umbrella drinks with the head of the Church of Satan last night, so I think we’re both heading to H-E-double hockey sticks in the proverbial handbasket.

posted by MrBaliHai  on  10/30  at  06:21 PM

Crayons? No way. I want my Day-Glo felt tip markers!

posted by PZ Myers  on  10/30  at  08:19 PM

I wore my pink crayon down to a nub half-way through picture two.

posted by .  on  10/30  at  09:25 PM

really? that’s odd. my pink crayon just kept getting bigger and bigger…

posted by .  on  11/03  at  02:39 AM

the woman in #3 looks a bit constipated, if you ask me.

posted by Ingmar GReil  on  11/05  at  07:19 AM

PDFs please!!

posted by .  on  11/08  at  05:16 PM

i have a question regarding the previous comment:

what’s the difference between pdfs and regular jpgs?

also: i wish some talented pervert would make these into paint-by-numbers

posted by .  on  11/10  at  10:52 PM

Excelent pieces of art. I think I can play with this images and a simple image software to fun a little… thanks!

posted by El Tecnorrante  on  11/13  at  02:42 PM

Wow. My cousin found this page as we were im-ing.
Craig Berlin is my father. I too have a copy which was sent to me when I was five. Naturally, my mother chose to not give it to me until I was an adult. So where did you find this gem?

posted by .  on  12/20  at  06:10 PM

Great. Brutal, cute, fun, sexy, jammy jay. Gotta print these as soon as I can. Thanks for sharing.

posted by A random by-passer  on  01/02  at  04:56 PM

I really like it.
I think we all want to see more.
: )

posted by Juan!  on  11/23  at  04:38 PM

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