Imagine, if you will, a strip-mall parking lot. It’s a familiar place which you’ve distractedly maneuvered through many times. Now Imagine that on this particular afternoon you pull into said parking lot only to find some kind of quasi-pomp, marking some unknown circumstance. Everything is clutter and Day-Glo chaos. “Aw crap!” you might think, but it’s too late to escape.

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Only 21 finalists remain in the final stretch of the public’s selection of the new seven wonders of the world. via

It is easier for a pickled shark to pass through the eye of a needle than for a multimillionaire to make good art.

The speed of light, one of the most sacrosanct of the universal physical constants, may have been changed as recently as two billion years ago?

The last ninja says: “Always be able to kill your students.” Wise words indeed.

In a rush to flee the solar system? Scientists have an interstellar travel plan, but it entails a brief stint outside the known universe. via

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Notes from on the ground

or: the what and why.

So after a redesign period of over a month I’m back. And what do I have to show for it? Well, you’re soaking in it. This is it. This is the new face of the Nonist. I can imagine what might be going through some of your minds on first sight- “No header image? No giant logo? No sidebar? No blogroll? No nav-bar? One column? What the hell?!” The design savvy among you might add “No image replacement? No ‘holy grail?’ No liquid or elastic? No yellow fade effects?” Some of you might even take this train of thought further down the line and arrive at- “It took a month to design this?”

Believe me when I tell you, I’m as surprised as anyone at where the redesign ultimately landed. If you’ll indulge me I’d like to talk a little about the process which got me here, explain the reasoning behind my decisions, and lay out a few of the changes…

And so that, as they say, is that. This is the new Nonist, an attempt at elegance in form and readability in function. As stated I’m not yet certain whether I’ve succeeded in these attempts, but for better or worse it’s done. We hear over and over that content is king. This new site is set up such that it will sink or swim on its content alone. Its a self-imposed challenge for me to craft some fine quality goodies because if I don’t there won’t be much else to look at.

I’m sure there will be hiccups and necessary tweaks (as such I encourage you all to let me know if you encounter problems). There are also a couple sections I’m still planning on launching (a gallery, a forum, a store, etc) but truth be told I’m sick of looking at code. So we’ll just take it all as it comes. Now all that remains is to see if I can remember how to blog. Here’s hoping.

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