gateway graphics

i am no longer a weed smoker so it’s been a long while since i held a little pack of rolling papers between my fingers. the brands i remember most (not counting the nefarious blunt period) are big bambu and lion of judah. the brands i remember seeing when i was a kid were joker and ez wider. but really these are only the tip of the iceberg are they not? there is a whole galaxy of papers out there and a whole galaxy of design to go along with them. in as much i’ve collected a bunch of images here for your viewing pleasure. the old hippies might consider this a stroll down memory lane, if they could remember anything. for the uninitiated this might be a gateway gallery to harder more dangerous graphics. enjoy.

all these images were culled from:

the arcadia bell collection
and the rolling paper sections of this very thorough page on recreational drugs of all sorts. all recommended.

while we are sort of on the subject you might be interested in the great marijuana hoax written by allen ginsberg in 1965.

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