graphis annual ‘59 part 2

here we present part 2 (part 1 here) of our on going showcase of graphis annuals. here is more from charles rosner’s intro to the graphis annual for 1959: it is felt in creative circles that a great deal of originality and imagination is hampered by the power excercised by the results of research. there is no getting away from the wide-spread use and influence of these methods, but it might be timely to put on record here the apt remark of doyle dane bernbach, the successful advertising agent: ‘advertising isn’t a science, it’s persuasion. and persuasion is an art.’ even then the same complaints! below you will find a second helping of work. enjoy.

the following images are culled mostly from the advertisements and booklets sections of the annual with a few left over posters thrown in as well. as always click thumbs for larger versions.

ed kysar. announcement for first issue of a magazine.

rauli warto. poster for the 25th anniversary of finnish artists and designers.

eric nitsche. one of a series of posters with the theme exploring the universe for general dynamics, co.

bernard buffet. film ad in the trade magazine, le film francais.

rene gruau. ad in black and blue for french stockings. (remind you of anything?)

tom kamifuji. trade ad for kaiser aluminum and chemical sales, inc.


edward bawden / ruth gill. front cover and two illustrations for christmas catalogue for british quality control merchants.

rowan emmet. cover of a booklet for guiness stout seeking to disprove the contention that television has brought to an end the personal pursuits and enterprises of the individual.

ryuichi yamashiro. booklet cover, issued by the japan external recovery organization.

paul sollberger. page from a booklet issued by the swiss automobile revue.

robert nelson. cover of report issued by u.s. highway and traffic consultants.

therese moll. cover of a pamphlet for a swiss galvanizing works.

ab klaster. brochure cover for plans and details on new netherlands housing estate.

ben shahn. booklet for esso research and engineering company.

ernie smith / barry geller. a direct mailing card to doctors for squibb pharmaceutical products.

eric carle. mailing card for a product to fight colic in children.

b. quayle. cover of a folder for eardrops from great britain.

joseph low. linocut broadside to promote the artists own work.

milton glaser. promotional piece in monthy graphic for push pin studios.

herman rastorfer. booklet cover for pfizer product to relieve nasal congestion.


erik nitsche. another poster in the exploring the universe series from general dynamics.

norman gollin / alex depaola. ad for an ad agency.

so there you have it. much more to come. did you notice that the pharmaceutical ads focus on and dramatize the problem rather than the cure? (it’s more noticeable when you can flip through the annual as a whole) now we get an endless stream of sunny fields and smiling people… wonder when that switch came about? anyhow hope you enjoyed. much more to come so stay tuned.

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