the erotic coloring book

thought today i’d dip into my extremely sexy archives… ahhh yeah baby… and offer you a little somethin to heat up this cold dry sunday… o.k. so i’m no barry white but i did pick up this little gem at a local bookstore on a recommendation from the clerk (thanks nameless clerk) which i wanted to share. it’s a slim but large format volume called the erotic coloring book published in 1975 by berlin & associates out of l.a., illustrated by a guy named craig berlin. it’s high-larious and most assuredly nsfw. possibly nsfpptdhf as well (not safe for people prone to dangerous hallucinogenic flashbacks). you might consider it the companion piece to this earlier post i suppose. see a sampling of the self proclaimed erotic pages below.

all of the following are details, click all for full page.

what a silly time them 70’s were huh? hope you enjoyed. now go grab some crayons and get to work.

man, yesterday it was spam, today filth… this place is really degenerating isn’t it?

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