graphis annual ‘59 part 3

finally got around to scanning some more images so here we present part 3 (see parts1 & 2) of our graphis from years past showcase. this batch is taken mostly from the book jackets and magazine covers sections of the 1958 annual with a few album covers, posters, and even t.v. graphics of the day thrown in. i didn’t include any of the animation plates (sorry ward) because the printing on those pages were off register. this will be the last group from the ‘59 annual. next time we’ll shift to the ‘57. and so without further ado…

(click all for large versions)

bernard villemot. poster for the film head against the walls

sigrid & hans lammle. for intestinal pain relief.

walter & naiad einsel. for wyeth pharmaceuticals.

jack wolfgang beck. spread from push pin studios illustrating a charles dickens story.

martti a. mykkanken. dust jacket for a finnish novel.


martti a. mykkanken again. jacket for the novel the children of light.

willi bahner. dust jacket for the painter and the window.

george mackie. jacket for translations of historical Danish ballads.

werner klemke. jacket for “humorous” german book.

theo kurpershoek. dust jacket for novel from the netherlands.

oldrich hlavsa. issue of typographia showcasing best czech books.

bob amft. cover of discus magazine.

oldrich hlavsa. czech journal of print and graphics.

ben shahn. issue of print mag.

jacob landua & mel richman. wood engraved illustration for shostakovich’s symphony no.5.

saul steinberg. carnival of animals album cover.

epc, zurich. cover for swiss album of fairy tales.

m. wolgensinger. artwork for a calendar cover.

maurice askew. promotional slide for a program on granada t.v. network in Britain.

graham coughtry. promotional slide for a program on cbc canada.

alright. so that’s it for ‘59. hope you enjoyed. expect some highlights from the ‘57 annual soon.

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